Making It In The Creatives Industry Takes More Than Just Casual Effort

man painting a commission art

Despite the poetic justice and beautiful expressions that come with all various forms of creative work, the industry itself isn’t the keenest when it comes to onboarding new talent and inviting young artists to make their debut. And while we’ve made a lot of progress compared to decades ago when high fashion, top industry photography, and the like were solely exclusive to established connections, aspiring artists still have a pretty large gap to fill.

You see, no matter how book-smart and talented you may be in your craft, all that effort expensed alone won’t cut it if you want to make it to the top of the industry. And just as the name of the creatives world, you’re going to need to squeeze out even more of your creativity to get your name out there, for your voice to be heard, and so that you receive that recognition.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

While most people look at social media as a means to update their friends and a platform for meeting people, these applications are one of the best ways to leverage your time and work from the perspective of a creative mind. Countless creative influencers have already made a name for themselves with the help of Instagram and gaining more than enough followers to build a brand, so you’ll want to get in some practice in visual storytelling.

  • Build An Online Portfolio:

    Firstly, one of the best ways to make the platform work for you is by using it as a placeholder for your online portfolio and posting the best pictures of your creative pieces, photos, and even design work. And while you won’t be gaining millions of likes anytime soon, this gives the public a treasure trove of your work that might help you work with Louis Vuitton’s jewelry collection in the future.

  • Expand Your Network And Connections:

    Apart from building your portfolio for brands and potential investors to see, we recommend utilizing the social aspect of these platforms to expand your network and connections. You’re much better off knowing the people you could collaborate with, and it’s always smarter to work as a team than by yourself.

  • Keep Up With The Latest Trends:

    Although keeping a close eye on fashion shows, the crop tops taking over runways, and the occasional celebrity event will keep you posted on the latest fashion trends, social media isn’t slacking either when it comes to bringing out new styles. Plus, that extra knowledge on what people want, the type of looks they’re trying to achieve, and everything else in between can help you pivot better to meet demand.

Don’t Chase After Big-Time Opportunities

local artist's art gallery

We know how tempting it can be to stay on the lookout for big-time opportunities that could get your name out in the whole industry spreading like wildfire overnight, but, realistically speaking, those lucky breaks don’t happen too often. If you stay on the sidelines and keep waiting for those opportunities, you’ll end up wasting crucial time you could’ve spent on more cumulative efforts.

  • Thrive In The Gig Economy:

    The gig economy often gets a bad reputation for failed freelancing work and the occasional dispute between a rude client, but nothing beats getting real-life experience and working your way up. Furthermore, you start earning very early on in your career, with the possibility of getting even more recommendations from previous clients, learning the basics of not selling yourself short, and knowing the prices in the creative market.

  • Constantly Work On Your Skills:

    Whether you’re a digital artist, fashion designer, makeup connoisseur, or any other creative enthusiast under the sun, you must always work on your skills to stay in your best shape. You see, when we start losing steam and don’t put in the same effort and passion like we used to, things start to rust, and you become less competitive as time passes. So, stay on the grind and make those dreams come true.

  • Balance Your Time Appropriately:

    Last but not least, despite all the time, effort, and resources you put into building your creative career, never forget to balance your schedules appropriately because everyone deserves a breather. You wouldn’t want to end up hating what you love doing, so don’t be afraid to spend some weekends off or maybe shuffle through other creative hobbies like oil on canvas, custom t-shirt designs with, or trying some new recipes in the kitchen.

Make That Lucky Break Come To You

Look, waiting for something to happen and hoping for the stars to align just right is a fool’s game, and that’s why it is in your best interests to put in the effort now to make that lucky break come to you instead. And if you want to get somewhere significant in the creative industry, you must be willing to keep your head in the game and explore every opportunity that comes your way.


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