DIY Projects

Revamping Old Homes – Essential Tips

Revamping Old Homes – Essential Tips

ByOccupyDesignMar 1, 20245 min read

Establish a budget to manage renovation costs, avoiding overspending and keeping the project on track. Inspect your home for damages such as water issues, window defects, electrical problems, and pest…

Corporate photography for businesses

Taking On Corporate Photography? Keys to Success

ByOccupyDesignAug 22, 20236 min read

 Corporate photography, a profitable B2B venture, improves brand visibility and corporate identity. Offering specialized services like headshots, event coverage, product photography, and tech specialization can fulfill diverse client needs. A…

coloring materials

For the Love of Art: Creative Ideas You Should Try

ByOccupyDesignSep 2, 20214 min read

The pandemic continues to change nearly every aspect of our lives. With schools going online and people working from home, it’s no wonder that museums and galleries around the world…

warning signs

How to Create Effective Warning Signs, Symbols, and Labels

ByOccupyDesignDec 3, 20186 min read

When you’re handing dangerous materials, entering a contaminated area, or may get harmed when using a product a wrong way, you might have encountered a warning sign, symbol, or label.…


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