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couple looking at a house

How Your House Looks Matter, here’s Why

ByOccupyDesignFeb 21, 20224 min read

Nobody likes an ugly house. It’s not just the fact that it looks bad – an ugly house is often a sign that the owners don’t care about their property.…

timeless home

Achieving an Ageless Design for Your Home

ByOccupyDesignOct 8, 20214 min read

Interior designs are often reflective of their era. 60s interior design was heavily characterized by round furniture, bright colors, and a hint of retrofuturism, while the 70s heralded the more…

Vintage interior design of luxury house

Iconic Interior Designers to Look up To

ByOccupyDesignMar 8, 20214 min read

When we’re asked to name iconic architects throughout history, it’s not that hard to come up with a list. The usual suspects are Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, and Zaha…

rustic design

Go Rustic with the Design of Your Home

ByOccupyDesignNov 4, 20204 min read

“Rustic” is a design term often associated with Tuscan-style estate, barn house decor, and the likes. But what does it really mean? Is it all about wood and log cabins?…

Exterior of a house

5 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Home Beautiful

ByOccupyDesignFeb 13, 20203 min read

Everyone wants their home to be beautiful. A home should be your sanctuary, so you should make it more attractive. Luckily, you do not have to renovate your entire house…

kinds of tiles and color palettes

5 Key Pointers when Upgrading your Home Interior

ByOccupyDesignMar 11, 20193 min read

Whether it’s a simple home remodeling project or a significant house renovation, you can’t proceed with the execution without a plan. You need to sort your options to ensure the…


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