Have You Seen The Signs?

Art has always been a part of our daily lives to the point we never notice it anymore. When you step out into the street, you see street signs, advertisements, posters, tarpaulins and so much more – art used for commercials, but art nonetheless.

We want to take a step back and appreciate the art used every day. From how street and safety signs have come to be, to the people behind it, to the way graphic designers change the way we see the market. The articles we write – and the ones our contributors send us – provide our readers with this knowledge.

Jill Smith

Jill works for two different companies: Occupy Design and his family home. He appreciates the hard work of artists and designers and wishes to share his experiences and wisdom. You can find him climbing mountains or joining triathlons when not writing or editing. 

Lily Gomez

After working in a digital marketing company for almost a decade, Lily has semi-retired to start sharing her wisdom with other people who would like to learn more about the world of fashion, art and design.

Caleb Kings

Caleb is a photography and art enthusiast. He worked in business operations and management before focusing on creating and curating content for Occupy Design. His main idea of focus includes photography, art tutorials and fashion.


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