For the Love of Art: Creative Ideas You Should Try

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The pandemic continues to change nearly every aspect of our lives. With schools going online and people working from home, it’s no wonder that museums and galleries around the world had to close their doors. That is why it is a critical time to support the art we love and enjoy.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may want to use the opportunity to get your creative sleeves working. Whether you’re making a self-care present, face masks, or stay-at-home gifts for your loved ones, here are some ideas you should try.


This type of business is ideal for bookworms or anyone with expertise in the printing industry. But while bookbinding requires accuracy, it also involves a designer’s eye. So when it comes to promoting your skills, having a creative background is beneficial.

Bookbinding is a reasonably affordable hobby, though professional equipment requires a significant initial investment. The amount of money you may make depends on the materials you use and the volume of orders you get. On the other hand, contracts with publishing houses give a steady stream of money and room for expansion.

Soap Making

Everyone uses soap as their basic hygiene need. So, developing and marketing these products is a profitable business strategy. A soap-making business is suitable for those with knowledge of making hygiene products. But amateurs can do it, too, especially if they enjoy creating products from scratch.

A good thing about soap making is that you can do it in your kitchen. More so, materials are inexpensive. But if you want to step up your soap-making business, you might need a larger workstation. Otherwise, it is easy to do it at home.


Are you a creative person who enjoys working with your hands? You can try to sell handmade pottery. It is an excellent way to combine business and pleasure. Being a skilled potter, though, is only half the fight. You’ll also need to figure out how to advertise and sell your wares, whether online or in person.

pot making

In comparison to other handcrafting business ventures, pottery might need significant expenses. But it will depend on whether you want to work from home or rent a separate workplace.

Furniture Upcycling

Upcycling furniture is one of the simplest ways to make money out of a fun hobby. It is suitable for anyone who likes bargain searching at antique stores and expertise repairing furniture. Upcycling is a straightforward process: buy low, renovate, and sell high.

The initial budget is minimal, with most of your cash going into marketing and purchasing used furniture. But like most upcycling businesses, there will be limits to your earning potential. So, it would be best if you considered your time for each project.

Stationery and Greeting Cards

Do you have a knack for designing and calligraphy? Perhaps you might want to consider a stationery and greeting card business. With the pandemic kicking in, people are finding more value with handmade and personalized greeting cards. You can spend time creating preliminary designs for various occasions. These include birthdays, weddings, and seasonal events.


The context of printmaking comes in various forms and mediums. With innovative practices, designers and illustrators can now print their designs on any product. These may include coffee mugs, apparel, phone cases, pillows, and so much more. But if you prefer the traditional way, you have the option of using stickers to personalize any items.

Virtual Art Gallery

Do you miss the pre-pandemic ways of showcasing your talents and skills? There are innovative solutions for you. Many hobbyists and personalities are offering virtual tours to extend their client reach. Do you happen to have art-gallery-worthy creations, historical artifacts, or authentic autographed memorabilia? You can tap into your local museum to let others view your collections.

The Next Step: Going into Business

Your ideas are nothing more than a hobby until you start marketing them. And since you’re here, we’re guessing you’d prefer to make some money out of it. So how can you step into the limelight of the art industry?

There are many ways to start your company. Whether signing up at marketplaces or galleries, you’re sure to break the barriers toward real business. Establishing your name online is much easier these days. So, it’s not surprising that most startup companies use social media as leverage to reach other marketing channels.

Whichever social accounts you choose, you’re sure to find traction across the industry with an e-commerce site. That way, you can redirect all clients to a single platform dedicated explicitly to the store. Hopefully, you’ll gain enough customer base to start building your company to reach new heights.


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