Pursuing Photography in Quarantine: Find Art in Lockdown

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The COVID-19 lockdown has put the beauty of photography on a halt. Since a majority of the population is on quarantine, taking photos of nature, landscapes, events, and even your local street are limited (if not impossible). But this doesn’t mean you can’t nurture your creativity when confined to your home.

Think of it this way: the situation is another opportunity to find great photos in ordinary subjects. Along the way, you can polish your skills, think outside the box, capture unique photos, and even add to your income — all for from within the comforts of your home.

Hone Your Skills

Do you struggle with taking great portraits? Have you been dying to perfect your editing skills so you can save more when hiring an expert to edit your photos? Then quarantine is the perfect time to develop your skills.

Take advantage of free courses. Many influencers and companies are supporting the community by offering otherwise expensive courses for free. Browse the Internet for no-charge photography discussions and programs hosted by renowned personalities in the industries.

Blogs and YouTube also offer training treasure. These platforms offer free photography educational content from amazing YouTube personalities. Fine-tune your skills by watching videos or reading blogs about photography techniques, the business side of photography, and more.

Shoot Some Portraits

You can’t receive guests at home yet but your family (or roommates) is available subjects. Set up a studio at home and try your hand at shooting solid background portraits. Step up your portrait game up a notch by acquiring cool backdrops. Pet portraits add a dash of cute to your skills training.

Once you’ve taken amazing portraits, add them to your portfolio.

Try Your Hand at Stock Photography

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If you wish to make passive income, stock photography is the way to go. People need photos for design, advertising, blogs, and more. If you can sell multiple stock photos, expect good earnings in the long run. Since not all companies can afford to hire professional photographers, they resort to photography libraries for usable images. This is where you can help.

You can capture stock photos of any item in the house. Take photos of random household items, food, textures, tools, tech, and more.

Improve Your Smartphone Photography

The best camera isn’t always a professional one; sometimes, it’s the one you have with you. Even the most affordable smartphones can take amazing photos nowadays. So try to learn more about your phone’s capabilities so you can be ready when the perfect shot appears.

Build a Product Photography Portfolio

Product photography is a lucrative market. If you have a good eye for taking photos of objects, give this one a go. Work on finding clients later and build your portfolio today so you can help your future business.

In terms of subject selection, it can be anything that you want. Do you have milk? Improve the image with some cookies to make it look like an ad.

The lockdown need not subdue your creativity. The pandemic calls for more creative ways to tell your story. As you stay at home, look for more opportunities to fine-tune your skills and serve society with your talents.


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