Money vs. Passion: Know Your Priority When Job Hunting

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Choosing between money and passion has been discussed so many times. It varies per individual, which means there’s no single advice column out there that will nail your situation right on the head. Still, with a comprehensive guide, you can take a look at your priorities and decide from there. 

When you’re job hunting, think about the following: 

Your Long-standing Dream 

We all have childhood dreams; some of them we outgrow, but some persist. Those you can’t seem to shake off might be the career you truly want to pursue, and the only thing stopping you is the lack of money in that industry. Thankfully, you live in a time when following one single track is not exactly the metric of success. You can work your boring but well-paying day job and pursue passions, such as writing, on the side. There are even companies that can help with book publishing without requiring much from you.

Meanwhile, if your long-standing dream is to have your own business, it’s easy enough to set up shop online and see how things go. Should the business do well, then you can work on this full time and even set up a brick and mortar store. What starts as your passion can be your job if it pays well enough; otherwise, it can still be there for you to do during your free time. 

Your Side Hustles 

For those who are strapped for cash, the natural choice is to work hard until they can fund their passion. You’ll get to your goals faster if you have side hustles, but don’t just work hard. Work smart. Choose your side hustles wisely and go for projects that will help you hone your skills or teach you things you’ll need when you eventually pursue your passion and make a business out of it. It’s hard to turn your passion into a profitable business from the get-go, but if you continue to learn while transitioning from your day job to your passion project as your primary source of income, you’ll have a better shot. Think of side jobs involving marketing or web design. You can also consider gigs that allow you to practice your skills or make connections with people in the industry. This way, when you finally launch your brand, relevant people will already know you.    

Your Retirement Plans 

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What you’re earning now play a role in how comfortable you are during your retirement age. It will also be relevant when you think of what you want to do when you reach 60. Your retirement age is not a time to laze around; it’s a time to be free. If you’re not sure right now that you can pursue your passion without going broke, make plans to do it after you retire. This means you can focus more on earning money to build your funds for your senior years. Then, when the time comes to leave the workforce, your passion takes center stage. 

In some cases, money and passion can work hand in hand. In other instances, they have to wait for each other. Consider your priorities to know how to live a life that satisfies you.


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