Unhappiness Is Not Because of the Absence of Money

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A lot of unhappiness in your life can be explained away by your limited financial means–but is that the reason you’re not living up to your potential? Is it even about money at all? With so much emphasis on salaries and interest rates, and everything being a financial transaction, it’s easy to use money as an excuse. You can’t follow your passion because you can’t afford it. You can’t live the life you want because it’s too expensive. You can’t get married because you can’t pay for it. These are just some of the conversations you might have with yourself.

If you look at it from a more objective perspective, money might be a scapegoat.

Your Fears and Uncertainty

Most often, it’s fear that dictates your life, not money. No matter how rich you are, if you are not brave enough to put yourself out there, you will still be unhappy. On the other hand, if you don’t let fear rule your life, you can live paycheck to paycheck and still be happy. Your fears manifest in several areas of your life: your job, your relationships, and even your home. A fearless and happy individual will fill his house not with meaningless objects, but with purposeful items. Those antique fireplace mantels you considered were not just there because they looked good; you wanted them because they are in line with the aesthetic you’re going for. This means you have an image you’re trying to build and you know which direction you want to go. Meanwhile, if you purchase a furnished house and let the trends dictate your home’s appearance, you don’t have a good grasp of what you want.

Your Lack of Initiative

Getting a job is hard, but it’s even harder to grow from a job you’ve had for years. You’re always in a battle between job security and contentment. You don’t want to stir the pot too much, so you tell yourself you’ll stay in the job for another year. This doesn’t mean you are content; this means you are afraid of losing the salary you enjoy. Your unhappiness is making it hard for you to see your worth in the company, which means you will not ask for a promotion. That could help you build a career for yourself and avoid stagnation, but because you think you don’t deserve it, you’re left stuck and tell yourself you’re okay with that.

Your Unmet Needs

Unhappiness is an internal struggle, but most people try to resolve it externally. You fill your life with material things and look for a partner who will complete you. The reality is you should be a whole person by yourself, and the love other people give to you should be the icing on top. Your internal struggles need to be resolved on your own rather than them being a burden on your relationships. And if you look for happiness elsewhere, it will never give you security. Learn to love yourself instead so that you can make decisions that consider your wellbeing on top of everything else.

It’s not money to blame for your unhappiness. The only thing stopping you from being happy is yourself.


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