Making Your Portrait Studio Shoot a Great One

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Pictures can definitely say a thousand words. It can tell a story without having to use words because that is how impactful it is. There are different types of photography, and one of them is taking portraits. This can be done either in the studio or outside where there is a picturesque background.

Shooting portraits inside a studio can be a tad bit harder, as you would have to think about the lighting instead of just relying on natural lighting outside. This is the reason why in this guide, we will discuss some important tips that you should follow when doing your studio portrait photography in Salt Lake City.

Do Not Confuse Your Directions

Learn your clockwise and counterclockwise, and do not confuse them with each other. Your photographer will most likely direct you in a more specific way when taking portraits. These two terms are actually better than telling you to turn left or right. They could give instructions like “turn clockwise at around 3” or something similar along those lines. These are more precise and quick ways to pose, so photographers follow this style of directing.

Focus on Your Facial Expressions

As this is portrait photography, you would want to focus more on your facial expressions and emotions. Make sure that your mind is clear before coming to the shoot, and make sure that you can properly bring your emotions to life.

If you want to look happy in your photos, but you are currently feeling sad, then it would be best to reschedule the shoot, as it will most likely show in your photos. Ask the photographer if you can see some of your test shots, so you would know if you are doing okay or not.

Make Sure That Your Face is Seen Properly

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The main focus would be your face, which is why it is important to make sure that nothing is obstructing your face during the shoot. If you have long hair, then you might want to tie it in a bun or at least keep it behind your ears and out of your face during the whole session. You would want your face to be seen, as this is the focal point for this shoot.

You can have your makeup or grooming done by a professional or you can do it yourself, but make sure that it will look good in pictures.

Have Fun

Lastly, do not forget to let loose and have tons of fun during the shoot. It does not have to be all serious and you can let your cheerful self go. Listen to the photographer and take note of their instructions, so you could get a good portrait photo. Communicate with them and ask questions if you need to. Do not be intimidated or scared of them, as they are pretty used to taking pictures of clients, for sure.

Lastly, be confident and own the studio. Smile and let loose! Be yourself and let your personality shine and you will see the photos come to life.


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