Making Money from Your Fashion Blog: How to Start Earning

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Fashion is undeniably one of the biggest industries today. As for those whose passion and hobby revolve around beauty and style, blogging has become a great outlet to showcase what they know to others. Already have a fashion blog but still not making passive income from it? Then this is the sign you’re waiting for to do so!

In fact, there are thousands of fashion bloggers out there who are already earning money from their passion every month. Want to know how you can do that as well? Check out these quick tips on how you can start making money from your fashion blog.

  1. Sell your own stuff

One of the most effective ways of establishing a reputation for your fashion blog is by selling your own products. If you’re a passionate fashion designer, sell your own creations online. Some popular e-commerce software you can install on your website includes Shopify, Goodsie, and Prestashop. If you want to create a separate store for your creations, you can utilize third-party websites such as eBay and Etsy.

If you’re planning to launch a collection of your own accessories and clothing, working with a professional fashion photographer would be great. They can help you get the best shots to showcase your creations, ensuring that anyone who comes across it will be enticed to buy. Plus, you already have amazing promotional images that you can use on your site or blog content.

  1. Write reviews (local stores)

Take advantage of the trending or popular products in the fashion industry today and write a review about them. Consumers love checking the online reviews of almost any item for sale before purchasing. All you need to do is to be honest with what you say.

And if you’re lucky, the brands will notice you and even send you samples of their new products. If this is the case, though, be sure to ask if it’s fine with them that you write honest feedback. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for you to grow your following and introduce your blog.

  1. Join an affiliate program

Joining an affiliate program is another awesome way to earn money from your blog. This is particularly ideal if you regularly wishlist style posts or share outfit posts on your website. Basically, you can get a commission every time someone purchases the product found on the featured link on your blog site.

In most cases, you can also promote the products on your social media accounts. If you have a huge following, there’s a bigger chance of you making more money from affiliate marketing. So, if you’re still growing your following, you can try using networks that connect merchants and bloggers instead of directly talking to established brands.

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  1. Find a sponsor

With most businesses now taking advantage of online and social media, in particular, getting a sponsor for your fashion blog wouldn’t be that challenging. What you need to work on is finding the right sponsors that you could approach. Ideally, you’d want to choose the manufacturers or businesses that offer the products or share the same values as you are.

For instance, if your blog is focused on reviewing trendy styles or clothes, you can directly message a local clothing brand and offer to create backlinks for their site. They can pay you for every review you write about them. You can also try visiting the physical stores of local brands and personally discuss your proposal.

  1. Paid style consultation

Another amazing way to earn money from your fashion blog is to offer paid wardrobe and style consultation. In other words, you’ll be providing advice as a virtual fashion or beauty consultant. If you already manage to provide credible and quality blog content, promoting your consultation service won’t be much of a hassle. Your blog will be a living testimony of how much you know about fashion.

To promote your paid style consultation, you can create a professional business card and give it to anyone you come across who, of course, looks to be interested in fashion. You can also use your social media pages to broaden your reach. With this, you can even attract new brands for consultation or how they can enhance their products. Who knows, you might also be invited to be a speaker at fashion events.

Making your fashion blog a source of passive income can be challenging at first, given the competition and fast trends in the industry. But with enough resources, commitment, and time, you’ll ultimately succeed in making it a profitable medium to earn a living. Follow these tips and stay authentic with what you do!


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