How to Optimize Your E-commerce Product Photos

Professional photographers in a studio

When it comes to e-commerce products and services, online marketing is everything. Similar to a physical store, you need to convince your potential market to visit your shop (in this case, your website), navigate through the shelves (your web pages), stay there for as long as possible (to avoid bounce rates that could affect site ranking), and buy something in the end (a successful conversion).

Another thing is to achieve and maintain a good reputation. While online shopping has brought many benefits to consumers, it gave a new challenge — and a difficult one at that — to business owners. One of them is the fact that your target audience will rely on their screens. You have to give them the best visuals and descriptions as much as possible.

Your target market would not be able to test and see your products in person, which is why it is extra important to have a good content and a realistic and clear set of pictures for them to be convinced to buy whatever you offer.

Here, we will discuss a couple of tips to make sure that your e-commerce product photos will pop out. We would also explain why you should get fashion photo retouching services to bring those pictures to life.

Keep the Shot Simple

Avoid using many props when shooting your products. The goal is to make your customers focus on the product itself, not get distracted by the things around it.

The background should also be as simple as possible, such as a cloth or a wall, that complements the color of your product. If you prefer a more natural background, like plants, then make sure that the focus of the camera is in the product. Do not also use unnecessary text, graphics, or elements to make sure that your products will be the only one that will be in the spotlight.

Use the Right Type of Lighting

When it comes to any type of photography, lighting is everything. The lights will determine the colour, sharpness, and balance of your photo. This is why you should invest (or find) good lighting if you are planning to shoot your own e-commerce products. You can use natural lighting, but if it does not seem enough and you need to shoot indoors, then look for the best lighting around to make sure that you will get the best shot.

Hire a Professional Photo Editing Professional

Professional photographer checking his photos

Sometimes, no matter how good your lighting or background is, your photo will still be a bit flawed. The brightness or contrast can sometimes be off in some photos, which is why it is important to hire a professional to edit your e-commerce product photos. Talk to them and tell them how you would like the photo to come out. Remember that when working with a third-party company, communication is everything.

You can also get a professional photographer to take your product photos for you to make sure that you will get the best outcome. Good luck!


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