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“Rustic” is a design term often associated with Tuscan-style estate, barn house decor, and the likes. But what does it really mean? Is it all about wood and log cabins? Or is rustic a liberal combination of different design styles?

It’s the latter. Rustic is an all-encompassing term for a variety of design styles. The basic definition of rustic is a design style that’s natural, aged, rough, and casual, so any style can be rustic — despite the drastic difference. Whether you want a home that is coastal, Tuscan, cottage, or a lodge with rustic Barnwood beam — they can all be called rustic.

Why Consider a Rustic Design for Your Home?

One of the defining characteristics of a rustic design, whether it’s coastal or cottage, is its use of natural materials. Rustic homes are all about the stone in wood (both in terms of ceilings/walls and furniture) and the use of canvas and burlap fabrics.

At its core, the rustic design is using organic elements in their natural state. The design is simple and has a raw and earthy feel. This home design also uses raw materials, so instead of looking for glossy and sleek burl wood, you’ll be searching for unfinished and reclaimed stones and woods.

Some homeowners think that if you choose a rustic design, there’s no space for a touch of modern style. On the contrary, a contemporary rustic design is an option for homeowners who want to balance naturally with modern designs. This contemporary design combines modern clean-lines with a fresh and light aesthetic.

The rustic decor in itself tends to be darker, heavier, and less sparse, so adding a touch of contemporary can make your house look bigger, more open, and lighter but still natural. Think of Edward Cullen’s house in Twilight.

Are you still thinking twice about going rustic with your home design? Consider the following benefits:

  • A warm and inviting design. A rustic design uses a warm color palette to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. In most rustic homes, an oversized fireplace is at the center of the living room, which adds to the room’s warmth. Even the smallest details, such as woven rugs or baskets, give your home a natural and homey feel.
  • Handmade furniture. To keep up with the natural theme of rustic design, most of the furniture is handmade. Handmade furniture is simple in design and shape to let the materials stand out. Common rustic furniture material options include boards, raw logs, and stones.

Transform Your Home with Rustic Decor Ideas

You don’t have to live in the woods to achieve a rustic feel in your home. While Little House on the Prairie and log cabins are rustic, there are contemporary ways to incorporate rustic decor without breaking your budget.

Make your new house look old with the following ideas:

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  • Wood panel wall. Today’s wooden walls look more different compared to the paneled walls of the 80s and 70s. Contemporary rustic wood panels provide a great accent wall in any room, as well as vamp up your house’s aesthetics. Pallets, shiplap, and planks are good options for a wood panel wall.
  • Wood beams. Add a rustic element to your home by installing some wood beams. These beams immediately add architectural flair to your home, as well as give any space a country-feel. If you want the beams to have more impact, install them in the kitchen or the living room where the beams can be more visible.
  • Repurposed antiques. Give new life to antiques by adding them to your rustic decor. For example, use an antique dresser as a bookshelf or a bathroom vanity. Apart from adding to the decor, repurposing antiques also breathe life into something old.
  • Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood gives your home an authentic and natural feel. Choose from an assortment of salvaged wood or use barn wood to build a table or other furniture. The multi-colored and textured appearance of reclaimed wood gives any space a country-side vibe.
  • Built- Make the most out of your spaces and still stay rustic by installing built-ins. Style them according to the overall design of your house. For example, add cabinets and shelves so you can store and decorate things easily.
  • Craftsman-style front doors. The rustic feel of your home should start before guests can step into your home. Install a craftsman-style door to cap off your house’s rustic theme.

A rustic design isn’t just about log cabins or “all things old.” Rustic is an all-encompassing design that covers various styles, which you can change according to your dream home design. Go rustic with your home (without transforming everything) today!


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