Digital Break: How to Keep Your Kids Away from Their Gadgets

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A hobby that’s not related to technology is uncommon to see today. Most kids prefer to spend hours of free time in front of a screen, scrolling on gadgets or playing video games. It leads to less active kids and potential addiction to gadget use. Introducing them to other hobbies may steer them away from devices and stimulate their minds.

Various hobbies suit kids and teens, but the key is to find one that already interests them. It can be amusing, entertaining, and challenging. The bottom line is they have to be captivated by it, enough to pursue it as a hobby.

How do you do it? Classify hobbies into three categories.

Outdoor Hobbies

These activities are ideal for those who are usually cooped up in their rooms. Going outside to explore or play sports can be a refreshing and stress-relieving experience. There are various types of outdoor activities your kids can develop into hobby. It includes cycling, jogging, hiking, bird watching, gardening, and many more. Being outdoors can improve your children’s health and introduce them to a wealth of opportunities for socialization. Meanwhile, gardening can be a rewarding activity for the whole family.

Indoor Hobbies and Pastimes

kid coloring book

Indoor hobbies could include painting, drawing, sculpting, calligraphy, crocheting, cooking, and more. It’s easy to start these activities with the kids because they consider arts and craft activities as playtime. These activities can keep them busy for hours, and they can pursue it as a hobby as they grow older. They may even turn these pursuits into income earners.

If your kids seem more into mental stimulation, sign them up for a crossword puzzle subscription. Your kids will have access to challenging crosswords, Sudoku, and other exercises that flex the mind.

Collecting Hobby

A lot of people start their collections with a few pieces. Some of the most popular collection includes stamps, coins, vintage comic books, and the like. There are even more peculiar collections, like umbrella sleeves, back scratchers, and Do Not Disturb signs, among a host of other unusual pieces.

Much like an indoor hobby that your kid could turn into a profession, collections could also earn money. This is especially when your kid’s collection is one-of-a-kind and in mint condition. Some collectors are willing to spend a fortune to get specific pieces for their personal or public museums.

The beauty of this type of hobby, other than it could make money, it teaches your kids to take care of their belongings. It allows them to value what is old and unique.

There are different types of hobbies that your kids can pursue. They can start small, and try activities that they find interesting or amusing at first. For teens, they can try out activities that can hone their skills and talents.

Hobbies are not just for passing the time. Most of these activities come with physical, mental health, and even financial benefits. With the right type of hobby, you can persuade your children to forget about their gadgets for a time and seek other interests.


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